Letra Intro: O!RUL8 en Coreano

Nothing lasts forever, 
You only live once 
So live your life Not any other’s lives 
Take chances and never regret Never 
Never be late to do what you wanna do right now 
Because at one point of someday, everything you did 
Would be exactly what you will be 

Abeojineun malhasyeotji insaengeul jeulgyeora 
Abeojikke yeojjwobogopa dangsineun insaengeul jeulgyeonna 
Wae dangyeonhan ge dangyeonhaji anke dwaetgo 
Dangyeonhaji anheun ge dangyeonhage dwaesseo 
Wae naui insaengeseo naneun eopgo geujeo namui insaengdeureul salge dwaesseo 
Igeon jinjjaya dobakdo geimdo anya ttak hanbeonppunin insaeng 
Neon daeche nugul wihae sanya 9sal animyeon 10sal ttaejjeum nae simjangeun meomchwotji 
Gaseume soneul eontgo malhaebwa nae kkumeun mwoyeotji? 
Eo jinjja mwoyeotji 

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