Letra Intro: O!RUL8 en inglés

Nothing lasts forever, 
You only live once 
So live your life, not any other’s lives 
Take chances and never regret, never 
Never be late to do what you wanna do right now 
Because at one point of someday, everything you did 
Would be exactly what you will be 

My father told me to enjoy life 
I want to ask my father if he enjoyed his life 
I want to ask why the natural became unnatural 
And why the unnatural became natural 
Why am I not in my life and in some other person’s life? 
This is real, it isn’t a gamble or a game, it’s just one life 
Who are you living for? My heart stopped when I was nine or ten 
Put your hand on your heart and ask what you dream was 
What is really was

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