Letra J-Hope 1verse en inglés

J-Hope, I start by oiling this song with my name 
I stop the wheel that has been running around without stopping, I put my courage on fire 
Gather, you identical beings, I will show you my skills to cut 
Cutting the rotten branches as if they were just dandruff that would fall anyway 
When they jump, they throw themselves as if they were birds, they have no idea 
I brilliantly show myself and I presume, steal a look of my talent 


For two and a half years, I just watched and watched this flaming scene 
Now it’s time to use all my effort to respond, I daringly overuse it 
The paparazzi harass me, all of them 
They have white everyone’s ears 
I’m going to pour all my complaints on this, I hope you all become self-conscious

Real Real 

“I do not wear a mask”, that’s my motto of life 
I live while doing what I have to do, shit 
Not all are equal, they live life trying to match their own essential principles 
Building my career 
“I walk on the surface, I become everyone’s watermelon” 
To be able to break with it, 
After pushing and pushing, 
I gave fruits to my desperate effort 
Everyone becomes desperate, everyone is dragged after much waiting 
A ragged mouth, rhyme, flow, explode after containing it 
If you think this is a verse, go straight to the bridge 
I make everyone not forget it, I make them all crowd around 
I even irritate my fans 
But to my haters, I make my vomit lean towards them 

(to them) 

What you sow is what you harvest, I only pick up what I scattered now 
Good feedback will make me duck my head 
When I devour all the bad talk 
I digest it immediately 
I screw everything 
My ambition and pride do not stop 
I determine a price as I want, I act like a bastard when I want 
You can not even be my opponent at the beginning 
Your body is under my fortune 
You all get in the way like snot, I spit well for my age 
Twotwo on the floor 
The path that my fans have opened for me, I gently walk through it 
They will be able to feel the effort of my brothers and mine right in their stomachs, rising and gaining fame 
I’m in

Close your mouth and only listen when is this verse 
The vibration of this flow as a greeting 
(Woah) greeting (woah) greeting (woah) 

Everyone, just enjoy it when it’s this verse 
The vibes here are like the tropics 
(Hot) tropics (hot) tropics (hot)

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